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Perlhefter is my own little creative fantasy world.

I have joy in creating. I want to pass on this joy and the beauty that comes from it. In this I see a spiritual task that spreads positive energy.

Every mind is different.

So I combine my thoughts and ideas into something of my own and create my unique pieces from it. I want to find people who understand and appreciate the kind of stories behind my pieces.

Everything I produce
is handmade.

I create one of a kind pieces and small runs of castings. I create jewelry in silver and gold,  and like to mix materials to create something new. On request I also make personalized and individual designs - as long as it fits my style and philosophy.

Jewelry is passion
and purpose for me.

I create unique pieces that tell a story - and are created with a lot of positive energy. I want my customers to feel this energy, too.


I purchase my precious metals from the Swiss metal manufacturer GYR, which recycles gold and silver as well as other metals. My pearls and corals are taken from old pieces and used again in my new creations. This makes an important contribution to ecological and ethical sustainability.

Perlhefter is a certified member of the swiss Oekogold label.

Simone Palmers – Perlhefter

What characterizes you as an artist/jeweler?

Sensitivity, dreaminess, beauty.


What do people/customers absolutely need to know about you?

That each piece is unique and made with lots of love - and that I want to pass on that love with each piece. My work always gives me balance and leads me into the light. My hope and aspiration is to pass on this positive energy to you.

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